Marine Protected Areas Programs

Assessing Reefs to Select Marine Protected Areas

Assessing Reefs to Select Marine Protected Areas Project Summary The Bahamas has been a regional leader in the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), such as parks and marine fishery reserves for conservation and fishery management. At present, The Bahamas has approximately 10% of its nearshore waters protected in some form of MPA, and [...]

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Improving Communications

Project Summary Communicating the results of research to key audiences is a critical step to changing behaviors and building stewardship. These audiences may be diverse - ranging from resource users like fishers, to marine resource managers and politicians who make policy, to the general public who are consumers of seafood. Therefore, effective communications require adapting messages [...]

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Improving Marine Protected Area Management

Project Summary While there is a great emphasis on hitting targets for creating Marine Protected Areas, managing these areas effectively is critical. Too often, we see MPAs get designated as "paper parks" with no management plans or no effective implementation of these plans. The creation of MPAs without effective management does little to protect biodiversity, support fisheries [...]

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Valuing Marine Ecosystems

Project Summary The ecological value of tropical marine habitats like coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass is clear, but what is their economic value? These habitats support important commercial and subsistence fisheries, provide opportunities for tourism and recreation, protect from storms and flooding, and can be important carbon sinks. Furthermore, degradation of these habitats can decrease or lead to loss of these [...]

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