Specific Marine Species Programs

Introducing Dr. Krista Sherman

Introducing Dr. Krista Sherman PIMS New Senior Scientist The Perry Institute for Marine Science is pleased to welcome Dr. Krista Sherman as the newest member of its scientific team! Dr. Sherman is marine scientist with more than a decade of research and conservation experience and is also the first [...]

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PIMS Joins The Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network 

Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) Joins The Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network  by Dr. Krista Sherman On November 30th, 2018 The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization (BMMRO) hosted its fourth training workshop on marine mammal stranding event in partnership with the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) and Dolphin Cay, [...]

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Rehabilitating Long-spined Sea Urchins

Rehabilitating Long-spined Sea Urchins We're Only Just Grazing the Surface The Long-spined urchin, Diadema antillarum, was once the most effective and important grazer on reefs throughout the Caribbean. These urchins are capable of clearing large areas of macroalgae and keeping it clear for coral larvae to settle and grow. [...]

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Valuing Protection of Marine Ecosystems

Project Summary While we know that tropical marine ecosystems support fisheries, recreational opportunities, attract tourists and provide other ecosystem services, what are these ecosystem services worth? How does the health of an ecosystem affect the value of these services? Can the creation of a marine protected area change its value? How does the management of a protected area affect [...]

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Nassau Grouper Spawning Migrations

  Project Summary Nassau grouper form large spawning aggregations where thousands of fish come together to spawn annually. While adult Nassau grouper typically rarely move more than a few hundred meters to feed and find shelter, they migrate hundreds of kilometers to spawning sites. Through this project we will understand how adult migrations link home ranges and spawning sites throughout The Bahamas. For [...]

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Nassau Grouper Population Genetics

Project Summary The Bahamas has some of the largest remaining populations of endangered Nassau grouper. However, these populations are in decline.  In partnership with the Bahamian PhD candidate Krista Sherman, we are unlocking the mysteries of Nassau grouper populations in The Bahamas using advanced genetic techniques.  This research is aimed at determining how Nassau grouper from different [...]

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