Our History

Founded in 1970 by John H. Perry, Jr., the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) was created on the heels of John Perry’s work with the Technology Panel of the newly established Marine Science Commission (1968 to 1970). Appointed to chair of the commission in 1968 by President Johnson, John Perry was instrumental in the creation of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) and charting a course for the use, development and exploration of the oceans for the United States. Upon completion of the work of the commission, John Perry founded the Perry Institute for Marine Science, Inc. toward the fulfillment of these new national goals and dedicated his Bahamian island, Lee Stocking Island as a major research base.

In 1984, the Perry Institute for Marine Science created the Caribbean Marine Research Center (CMRC), which was designated as one of six National Undersea Research Centers under the auspices of NOAA, and The Perry Institute’s CMRC facility on Lee Stocking Island was one of the most productive marine laboratories in the world until its closing in 2012. Now, the Perry Institute has adapted from a site based research facility to a program based institution, conducting research throughout The Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean in partnership with governments, international NGOs and local organizations throughout the region. The Perry Institute also supports global research into the status of threatened and endangered marine species.


Through your support, Perry Institute for Marine Science can continue to protect our marine environment.