Featured Scientific Partners

The Perry Institute for Marine Science partner with scientists from around the world who conduct innovative research that seeks to improve the understanding and stewardship of our oceans in the wider Caribbean region and throughout the world.

Lindy Clyde Knowles is a conservation ecologist presently employed at the Bahamas National Trust. He is presently the senior Science Officer attached to the Science & Policy division. He has been with the BNT for the past 7 years in varying capacities.

Candice is the Director of Outreach & Partnerships at the Cape Eleuthera Institute. Candice has worked with the Cape Eleuthera Institute previously as their Department Head of The Island School research curriculum, but originally joined CEI as a Shark Research and Conservation Program intern back in 2010.

Dr. Nicole Fogarty has been an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University since 2012 where her lab focuses on ecological and evolutionary questions related to the fertilization success of broadcast spawners.

Dr Judith Lang is a Marine Biologist with broad experience of Caribbean area coral reefs. She is currently the Scientific Coordinator of the AGRRA (Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment) Project and a member of the Land Based Sources of Pollution Technical Advisory Committee of the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative and of the Special Coral Scientific and Statistical Committee of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council.

Nikita Shiel-Rolle is the CEO and Founder for Young Marine Explorers and has a Masters of Science in Biodiversity Wildlife and Ecosystem Health from the University of Edinburgh and is currently running Young Marine Explorers in Cat Island, The Bahamas. 


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